We are now taking this store from being a brick mortar to going on-line. We are doing many facets with  this store. First, we hope that
you will take the time to shop with us.  If you live in or near Henderson, NC, we offer “Local Pick-up” so you won’t have to pay shipping charges. Second, we will be offering locals the chance to sell and  shop with us a couple times a year through  “Pop-Up” locations to be announced at later dates. Third, you can also check out our Facebook page and the specials we will be offering there from time to time.

On-Line Shopping


Please remember that all  you have to do is contact the store  at  252.430.8687  or by emailing joycedoughty@tots-n-more.com to find
out about getting paid or setting up a time to drop off your items; just don’t forget to either fill out your list or do it on-line as before.

Currently we are not taking any new items.  We will let you know here as well as on Facebook.


We like to offer you very good  quality items at very reasonable prices. These items that come to us are slightly used or new.  We do
not sell underwear, mattresses, or socks for children over 24 months of age.  We currently have shoe sizes all the way up to Youth
size 6, but as soon as we sell out our current shoes of sizes above size 13, we will then only carry sizes 0-13.  This will cut out
confusion, for instance, if a shoe is size 1 Infant or size 1 Toddler.


We are readily working on getting our online shopping site up and running.   As we get the site up and running we will be posting
updates here on our website as well as our Facebook page.  Keep a lookout for when we are ready to begin consignment again.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and we hope you will continue as we venture more into the digital world.

God bless.