Currently Seeking

 All clothing items must be washed and folded in totes or boxes or on hangers. No plastic bags! All non-clothing items must be cleaned and disinfected. Items must be in good or excellent condition. No stains, tears, or missing parts. Be sure items have not been recalled by checking the recall list at

We take consignment items on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment so please call ahead.

Wish List Items:

We have customers looking for these particular items so if you’ve got them, make sure they have been cleaned, in good shape, and not recalled.  Note: These items may be able to sell faster than others!

Bassinet (Many people looking)            Toy Chest/Organizers
Bassinet (Many people looking)            Rock N Play
Crib (Many people looking)                  Swing
Easel Chalk & White Board                   Dressers
Vanity with seat for toddler                  Pack & Play’s
Backpack Diaper Bag                           Toddler Beds
Girls size 7 two piece PJ’s no feet          Body Pillow
Girl infant 12 month sleepers               18″ or bigger dolls
Boys size 5/6 jeans or pants                Walkers for boys
Girl infant 12 month sleepers               High Chair
Chronicles of Narnia book                    Fetal Heart Monitor
Boy’s size 7/8 Polo Shirt “Kelly Green”
Sneakers “Kevin Durant, Nike Shot, Jordan’s”
Car Seats (Infant, Convertible, & Boosters)
Themes: Minnie Mouse

Check for recalls & Expiration Dates!!

In Need Of:

Baby Gear:

All types!! Cribs, bassinets, high chairs, swings, etc. Will sell quickly!!!
Baby gates & baby-proofing items.


Dresses & skirts – all sizes
Jeans – Petites, Extra-Small, Small, Extra-Large
Dress & Casual Pants – Petites, Small, XL, & up
Tops – Petites, Small, XL, & up
Belly Bands
Belly Supports


Bras – all sizes
Nursing Tops – all sizes
Nursing Pajama’s – Small & Medium

Currently Taking:

For the Month of July no clothing items except for:
o Any season maternity clothes
o Preemie Items
o Children’s/Infant toys
o Cribs, Pack N Plays, Rock N Plays, etc.
o  Baby Gear (swings, carriers, car seats, strollers, exersaucers, high chairs, etc.) Check for recalls!
o Furniture (changing table, dresser, glider, etc.)

( Always Check for recalls!)

For the month of August we will not be accepting any items

To consign during August see:   Tots-N-More Annual Exchange

Not Accepting:

o Recalled items without manufacture fix
o Broken, torn, or heavily stained items (We understand these items are used so minor wear and tear is okay.)
o Children’s underwear
o Youth socks
The following items will be accepted beginning in September:
o Halloween Costumes
The following items will be accepted beginning in October:
o Winter clothing (heavy jackets & shirts, heavy pants, etc.)
o Snow gear (snow suits, boots, etc.)
The following items will be accepted beginning in February:
o Shorts
o Tank tops/sleeveless shirts
o Spring/Summer skirts/blouses
o Capri’s
o Swimwear
o Flip flops, sandals, etc.